Sailaway Cruises - Operating Since 1981

Sail Away Vanuatu

The Skipper

Sailaway Cruises was started by Australian skipper Peter Whitelaw in 1981 as a sail-dive boat charter business exploring the islands of Vanuatu. Since then, Peter has sailed literally thousands of people to some of the most remote and beautiful places in Vanuatu, many only accessible by boat. Peter soon discovered that the best place to take people for a day’s sailing and snorkelling was in the calm sheltered waters of North Efate, just a 40 minute drive from Port Vila. Protected from the South Easterly Trade Winds, Havannah Harbour was the home base for US Navy warships during WWII. Being the ‘dry’ side of the island meant days of glorious sunshine and unparalleled underwater visibility, while back in Port Vila it was often raining. These attributes, along with its relative remoteness, also made this area the best location for the television series, "Survivor Vanuatu" to be filmed. Subsequently this pristine NorWest Efate area has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, based on the legend of Chief Roimata and the mass-burial site at Artoka Island. Today, Peter continues to operate full day sailing, snorkelling, and SCUBA diving trips aboard his sailing trimaran, “Golden Wing” in North Efate, catering to families, couples, dive groups, wedding groups, film crews & explorers. You just need a sense of adventure, an interest in the amazing underwater world and do bring your sense of humour along with you as we have some fun times. Come and join Peter for what is simply the best sailing, snorkelling, and diving trips available from Port Vila.

The Boat

“Golden Wing” is a 42ft (13m) long, 22 ft (7m) wide, 1 metre draft, sailing trimaran with a carrying capacity of 24 day passengers. Being a sailing trimaran means passengers experience the benefit of a genuine sailing boat, where engines are used only when anchoring or when there’s little wind, without the disadvantages of ‘leaning over’ that happens on single-hulled vessels. With such a big, clear deck area, there’s a lot of room to spread out, even when the boat is carrying capacity (which is not often & generally only on private charters). The deck is designed so that passengers can sit on the cabin ‘roof’ spanning the main hull and wing decks. Valuables – including kids napping – can be within hand’s reach inside whilst passengers are still on deck. A deck awning is used to protect people from the sun or drizzle. The boat can anchor directly over all reefs, so access to snorkelling and dive sites, is as easy as just jumping in. An experienced Australian skipper and friendly, helpful ni-Vanuatu crew, all add up to making your cruise a magical experience. An inflatable dinghy is used for getting to and from shore & acts as a safety device when snorkelling or diving over areas that may occasionally have a current. We provide all snorkelling gear, including floatboards for non-swimmers. We suggest you BYO life rings for small children. “Golden Wing” is registered under Vanuatu survey, and is fully compliant with all safety requirements.